The Ridge

In the heartland of central Florida, known as "The Ridge", a 3rd generation farmer and two friends bring together a shared passion for cooking, proud tradition of agriculture, and family heritage of growing citrus.

Smokin' Citrus begins at the farm with our vision of creating a unique, delicious sustainable product. As avid grill masters, we realized this natural, flavorful fruit wood could be repurposed as an alternative to traditional wood chips used for smoking, grilling, and cooking.

Sustainable Products & Business

As a farmer-owned business, Smokin' Citrus is proud to connect people with our industry. By choosing our citrus wood chips, you can feel good knowing your purchase positively impacts the environment and the citrus community.

We're committed to working closely with local growers to ensure our wood chips are sustainably sourced while supporting the heritage of citrus growing in our community for the next generation. We use orange tree branches and trunks removed during the regular growing process on farm. This ensures no trees are cut down solely for wood chips helping reduce waste in the crop production cycle.

Today, Smokin' Citrus thrives on the same passion and commitment to quality that Florida citrus farmers have always embraced. From grilling to smoking, our premium natural citrus wood products connect foodies around the world to Florida's rich agricultural history.

Our Mission

Smokin' Citrus is a farmer-owned, environmentally sustainable brand dedicated to providing high-quality citrus wood products for smoking, grilling, and cooking, while fostering a community of passionate chefs who value the unique flavor and heritage of growing citrus in Florida.